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Novax® Fanned-Fret Retrofit Bass Neck

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Novax® Fanned-Fret Retrofit Bass Neck Novax Guitars now has the Fanned-Fret retrofit bass neck, a bolt-on neck that fits most common Fender-style bass models and similar instruments or clones. No permanent modifications are required to switch to this neck. The Fanned-Fret neck offers several advantages including: accurate intonation, balanced string tension, even response over the entire neck and a low E string scale length of 35 inches allowing players the option of a B E A D tuning.

Made in the U.S.A., these necks are maple reinforced with graphite and you have a choice of ebony, rosewood or maple fretboards. Novax Guitars will soon be offering a production models of four and five-string basses as well as seven string and baritone guitars.

Prices range from $550 MSRP for a bass neck with maple or rosewood fretboard to $1,875 MSRP for an eight-string neck with ebony. Novax Guitars is at 940 A Estabrook San Leandro, CA 94577. Telephone 510-483-3599 or visit

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