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NOW! Recording Systems Mark II Series

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The Model M-2010 Mark II Series Mothers System is a ten-pocket audio cassette recorder/duplicator. This small package is the perfect unit for small studios who would like to quickly make a few extra cassettes for their clients. The unit is also perfect for making on-site copies of lectures or seminars. The M-2010 can produce ten original master cassettes from your DAT, CD or any line source...such as your mixer board. The unit will also make nine cassette copies from your single cassette master in mono, stereo in real time or twice speed. All decks are controlled by a single, touch control panel and each cassette pocket can record individually in either normal or chrome (high-bias) modes.

If you are interested you may contact NOW! Recording Systems, Inc., at their old address at 32 West 39th Street, 9th Floor New York, NY 10018. Phone them at 212-768-7800 or FAX 212-768-9740.

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