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MY-300 by On-Stage Stands

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MY-300 by On-Stage Stands Stage rumble and vibration getting into live microphones has always been part of that "live sound." I am always amazed how big a difference in the overall sound, especially for quieter acoustic shows, when all the mics are floor-isolated from vibrations traveling up the mic stands. The MY-300 Shock Proof Microphone Clip Series by On-Stage Stands secures a mic with 35 pounds of pressure while the contact rubber ring at the clip's base is designed to absorb stand vibrations. This keeps the sound clean and low frequency vibrations down. All On-Stage clips have lifetime guarantees and come in two models both prices at $9.99 MSRP: the MY-325 with a 25mm opening for wired microphones and the MY-330, a wider 30mm for wireless. On-Stage Stands is at P.O. Box 270648, West Hartford, CT 06127-0648. Telephone 800-289-8889 or visit

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