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Opcode's DATport USB Audio Interface

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The DATport is an audio interface that converts 44.1 or 48kHz S/PDIF digital audio bit streams into the new USB (that's Universal Serial Bus) data. USB is the bus system used by many PC's as well as the new Apple iMac computer. Universal Serial Bus will be used to carry both digital audio, MIDI data or any other data between all the different digital devices in the modern recording studio.

A true "Plug and Play" device, DATport requires no PCI slots to tie up with internal cards to install or IRQ's and DMA's to configure. The DATport is self-powered and connected to any USB port of your computer and the S/PDIF digital cable from any DAT, CD or MiniDisc machine. You then can start transferring digital audio up to 24-bits wide to and from you computer for editing and burning CD's.

Selling for under $200 retail, the DATport is the first of a long line of music-making USB-equipped devices to come. Opcode has also announced that they will support MIDI communications over USB using their acclaimed OMS (that's Open Music System) so eventually your complete music system will communicate to various synthesizers, samplers and digital audio recorders all over the new USB standard. For much more about Opcode and their USB products, contact them at 365 E. MiddleField, Mountain View, CA 94043 or call 650-429-2400. WEB at:

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