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The SONICport and the SONICport Optical, are the two new USB audio interfaces from Opcode. Both interfaces have professional quality analog-to-digital conversion as well as S/PDIF digital connections in either Coaxial or Toslink (optical) formats. These new devices connect externally to any USB-compatible computer for a high-quality stereo, analog-to-digital conversion away from the noise inherent inside a computer. The 20-bit Philips DACs were used to ensure professional quality analog conversion. In addition, the SONICport includes digital coaxial S/PDIF for pure, bit-for-bit digital transfers.

S/PDIF devices include DAT machines, digital multitrack recorders, MiniDisc systems and front-end A/D converters. The SONICport is compatible with 16 and 24-bit systems at 48kHz. and 44.1kHz. Opcode's SONICport simply plugs in and eliminates all the installation nightmares of a traditional PCI or ISA card solution. No cards to install, no IRQs or DMAs to configure, no I/O addresses to set and the host computer doesn't even need to be turned off.

Simply attach the SONICport's six-foot cable to the USB connector of any Windows 98 PC, (MacIntosh drivers available soon) connect your line level or digital audio source and record or transfer your data without dropouts to the computer for editing or burning a CD. The SONICport and SONICport Optical are available at under $250. For much more about Opcode and their USB products, contact them at 365 E. MiddleField, Mountain View, CA 94043 or call 650-429-2400. WEB at:

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