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Panasonic's Powered Multimedia Speakers

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There are three new models of self-powered Panasonic multimedia computer speaker systems to choose from: the EAB MPC25 10-watt, full-range two-way speakers; the EAB 20SW 20-watt superwoofer; and the top-of-the-line EAB MPC250 three-piece system. All of these systems feature wide bandwidth, low and powerful bass response and magnetic shielding.

Selling for $99 retail, the MPC250 three-piece has a bi-amped, separate amplifier for each speaker for low distortion and clear dynamic sound reproduction. Each full-range satellite speaker has a tweeter and mid-range unit, each receiving five watts of power while the separate sub-woofer unit pumps a full ten watts.

If you would like to add a sub-woofer to your existing speaker system, then the EAB 20SW superwoofer will give you 20-watts of power with a 40Hz to 200Hz frequency response in a compact and nice looking package. It retails for $89.

The pair of MPC25 10-watt full range speakers sell for $49. All the speakers are backed by a two-year warranty. For much more about these speakers you can contact Panasonic at Two Panasonic Way, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094. Phone them at: 800-742-8086 or WEB at:

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