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There are two new Parker Fly Limited Edition Parker guitars called the Fly Tulipwood and the Fly Butternut. These guitars are signed and numbered by Ken Parker himself. Both models feature light figuring that runs perpendicular to the wide grain. The Fly Tulipwood Limited Edition is constructed of a solid piece of tulipwood quartersawn from trees native to the eastern U.S. Only 35 of these instruments will be made finished in transparent emerald, complete with hardshell case and will sell for $3,125. The Fly Butternut Limited Edition is made of the hardwood butternut also from the eastern U.S. A limited run of 50 instruments will be made all in clear finish and will sell for $3,350.

Other features common to all Fly guitars are: 24 spring-tempered, stainless steel frets, locking Sperzel tuners, Fishman® active piezo pickups and DiMarzio magnetic pickups. Controls include: master volume, magnetic tone and volume as well as piezo tone and volume. For much more about the Parker Fly guitar you can contact Parker Fly Guitars 316 South Service Rd., Melville, NY 11747. Phone them at 516-333-9100 or FAX at: 516-333-9108

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