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Pioneer DJM-500 DJ Mixer

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The Pioneer DJM-500 is an all-pro DJ mixer that incorporates many advanced features. One cool thing is the BPM counter that measures the tempo of any dance or heavy rock song and displays it on a digital readout. The DJ can quickly match (even without listening) and mix songs that are different tempos. This tempo information is also supplied to the on-board effects unit so that delays can be precisely matched to the song playing by just toggling the effects parameter knob. The effects unit also has reverbs, echo, auto-panning and flangers. There is also a pitch shifter that shifts pitch up or down up one full octave. This pitch shifting can be applied to the music input from any external turntable, CD player or even the DJ's own voice.

The DJM is part of a total system that uses the Pioneer CDJ-500II CD player. The CDJ really makes the whole system happen since you can create and sample loops up to ten minutes long and inject them anywhere in the mix without stopping. This feature along with quick start and a quick response jog wheel makes the whole system ready for your live performance.

The DJM-500 sells for $1,200 retail and the CDJ-50II CD player sells for $1,000. The complete system with flight cases and ready to go sells for $3,700. For more about it contact Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc., 2265 E. 220th Street, Long Beach, CA 90810. Phone them at 310-952-2111 or FAX 310-952-2990.

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