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The Groove-Doctors from PMI Audio

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PMI Groovedoctors The Groove-Doctors Music Production Sets are collections of royalty-free performances that simplify the process of making and recording music. Groove-Doctors are CDs with edited one-bar patterns from real performances integrated into the Groove-Doctors system. Each set includes separate CD's for drums, bass, guitar and piano. Available in .aiff or .wav format for use in Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase or anything really, all Groove-Doctors CDs feature audio/data audition tracks where the one bar patterns on the CD are also provided in, pre-looped, four-bar blocks for instant auditioning or rehearsal. This features saves you the trouble of looping a one-bar loop (in a sequencer), to see how it works, and then finding out it doesn't! Two-tier looping allows for overlap between disparate loops so sounds sustaining through the loop point do not cutoff unnaturally. Other features are multi-tier melody, a Pinpoint Pattern File System that quickly locates exactly what you need, and a quick-start video tutorial CD. For additional information, contact: PMI Audio Group 23775 Madison St. Torrance, CA. 90505 telephone 310.373.9129 or visit

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