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Acousti-Q from Presonus

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Acousti-Q from Presonus

The Acousti-Q Tube Acoustic Instrument Preamp/EQ/Blender from Presonus is a direct recording/amplification connection for your acoustic guitar, violin or any other normally non-electric instrument you have fitted with a piezo or magnetic pickup and/or built-in microphone.

Acousti-Q uses the same tube circuit as Presonus' Blue Tube pre-amp and accepts piezo and magnetic pickup inputs as well as your internal microphone's input. There are separate volume/mix controls for the mic and pickup along with twelve volt phantom powering. Complete with both pro XLR and 1/4" outputs and rackmountable using the optional BMRA adapter, the half-rack space Acousti-Q provides a full line level output signal ready for recording/live stage use. Acousti-Q will make ANY live sound guy very happy.

In the processing department, Acousti-Q has a three-band equalizer with sweepable midrange control and a notch filter for killing feedback frequencies. Rear panel jacks include an effects loop for patching in a compressor or reverb and a footswitch input for muting.

Acousti-Q sells for $299.95 MSRP and for much more about it, contact PreSonus Audio Electronics at 7257 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA. Phone them at: 800-750-0323 or FAX: 225-926-8347 or Visit:

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