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DEQ624 Equalizer from PreSonus

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Presonus The PreSonus DEQ624 uses 24-bit digital signal processing for two channels of 31-band equalization. The DEQ624 has both high and low pass filters (20Hz-20kHz) with selectable Q for either a standard Q of 4.75 or much higher at 8.0. AHC or Adaptive Hum Cancellation is a special processor that identifies 60 Cycle Hum caused by ground loops and dimmers and uses phase cancellation to eliminate the problem without causing changes to the audio. For installed systems, a security feature on the DEQ624 locks out all of the front panel controls using a programmable password for authorized personnel to change or operate the unit. All control panel parameters are permanently held in memory and retained during power shutdown.

In addition, the DEQ624 features a brick wall limiter with variable threshold as well as a downward expander featuring variable ratio and threshold. The DEQ624 features a Channel A Master Mode allowing a mirror image of Channel A settings to be duplicated on Channel B. Input and output connections include XLR balanced, unbalanced and Phoenix Connectors. Available in April 2001, the DEQ624 sells for $800 MSRP and for much more about it, contact PreSonus Audio Electronics at 7257 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA. Phone them at: 800-750-0323 or FAX: 225-926-8347 or Visit:

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