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PreSonus Eureka

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PreSonus Eureka

Eureka is PreSonus' dedicated Class-A, transformer-coupled recording channel with variable impedance. Being able to change the input impedance of a mic pre greatly enhances the sound from finicky ribbon microphones. Impedance is continuously variable between 150 and 1200 ohms. Besides the rear panel balanced XLR mic connector, there is also a front panel instrument DI jack for plugging a guitar, bass or synth in.

Besides impedance matching, Eureka allows for some interesting sonic 'colorations' with the Saturation knob for tube saturation (or slightly overdriven sound) emulation. The pre-amp section also has +48volt phantom power, an 80Hz high pass rumble filter, phase invert switch and -20dB attenuator pad.

The next set of controls on this one-rack space unit is for the compressor section. This full-featured soft-knee compressor has variable threshold, attack, release, ratio, gain makeup controls and a side-chain high pass filter. A cool looking meter measures the unit's output or gain reduction and there are balanced send and return insert jacks for connecting external processors.

The equalizer section is a fully parametric three-band model with overlapping frequency bands and switching for placing the EQ before or after the compressor section. The three bands are: low frequency ranges from 20Hz to 300Hz; mid-range goes from 200Hz to 2.8kHz; and the high frequency covers 2kHz to 22kHz. Each EQ section has variable Q (or the Quality of the filter) that goes from a wide 1.2 to 10 at the sharpest. Available boost/cut range is +/- 10dB.

Optional features include a digital output card capable of 24-bit/96kHz out either an AES/EBU or S/PDIF socket. Eureka is $699.95 MSRP and the digital card sells for $299.95. Contact:, telephone 800-750-0323 or e-mail:

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