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Firestation is a FireWire™ interface that connects your computer to the outside recording world using the IEEE1394 standard known as Firewire. Most modern PCs and all new MACs come with a Firewire jack and this system solves the internal sound card/recording interface problem with a single cable. The Firewire standard is capable of hundreds of audio channels, massive MIDI throughput and master digital word clock distribution.

Firestation comes complete, fully compatibility with any MAC or PC software and is expandable for up to 48 channels of audio. There are two dual-servo microphone preamplifiers with 48 volt phantom powering, -10dB attenuators and both XLR and 1/4-inch instrument input jacks. These are solid-state amps but you can switch a tube stage in and out using the Drive control for a tube or solid-state sound. Each channel has a balanced send and return jack for inserting an external analog processor when recording.

The ten-channel monitor mixer lets you get around the "latency" or delay problems with monitoring through your computer and/or external analog and digital converters. There are separate control room and headphone volume control--a necessary feature for serious work. There are also MIDI I/O jacks, eight channels of analog and ADAT™ I/O, S/PDIF jacks, two mLAN jacks for chaining multiple Firestations and word clock in/out BNC connectors.

Firestation sells for $899.95 and for more information contact PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. at 800-750-0323 or visit

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