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PreSonus VXP

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PreSonus VXP

The PreSonus VXP is a single rack space recording channel. Designed primarily for recording and processing vocal tracks, the VXP features a smart compressor, downward expander, de-esser, four-band semi-parametric equalizer, peak limiter and a balanced send/return path for adding outboard signal processors.

The VXP's mic preamp contains a Class-A discrete input buffer followed by a dual-servo gain stage. There is a front panel 48-volt phantom power switch along with a -20db input attenuator pad. The compressor features 16 preset,compression ranges, from light to medium to heavy, designed for vocals while the expander section has dual-concentric control knobs for setting threshold and ratio.

The variable de-esser has a range of 800Hz to 8kHz for removal of unwanted, sibilant distortion. The four-band equalizer starts with a high-pass rumble filter and continues with both a low-pass and high-pass shelving filter coupled with a dual-band, mid-range equalizer.

Options include a 24-bit/96 kHz stereo A/D converter with both AES/EBU and S/PDIF outputs. Since the VXP is a single-channel unit, there is the ability to add another VXP unit to the converter for two separate channels of digital conversion at the same time.

The PreSonus VXP sells for $800 MSRP while the VXP digtal I/O Card sells for $400. The VXP is perfect for project studio owners looking for a simple and effective one-stop solution for recording vocal tracks. PreSonus Audio Electronics at 800-750-0323 or on the Web at:

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