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Primera ComposerPro CD/DVD Duplicator

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ComposerPro CD/DVD Duplicator ComposerPro from Primera Technology is a desktop CD or DVD duplicator system. Using either a CD-R or DVD-R recorder, ComposerPro, in unattended operation, will record and print (if you add the printer) up to 100 discs in a batch. You can duplicate any digital data from music to video to computer files. The robotic arm is fun to watch as it picks up blank media and places it on the dual integrated CD-R or DVD-R recorder trays. If you like, after recording, the disc moves on to the optional Primera Technology ink-jet or thermal transfer optical disc printer for label application. The printer is capable of up to 2400 dots-per-inch resolution and full color.

Complete with Prassi/Veritas' PrimoCD Pro™ duplication software there are two models available: CD-R with dual16X recorders at $3,995MSRP and $5,995 for a system with dual Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-R/CD-R drives that record DVD-Rs and CD-Rs at 8X. The optional 1200 dpi SignaturePro® IV CD color printer sells for $1,895 while the 2400dpi Inscriptağ Thermal CD Printer sells for $2,995. For more information, contact Primera Technology at 800-797-2772 or go to

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