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Primera Technology's Composer Disc Duplicator

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The new Composer Optical Disc Duplicator, the Inscripta Thermal CD Printer and its Signature III® CD Color Printer make a complete CD or DVD replication system. The Composer duplicates and optically prints up to 50 discs...the limit of the stack of blank CD's it can hold. Using a Windows-based PC, after a duplication job has been started, no operator intervention is necessary. A robotic arm transports discs from an input tray to the integrated CD-R or DVD-R recorder.

After recording, the disc is transported to an optional Primera Technology ink-jet or thermal optical disc printer where it is printed and then stacked in a 50-disc output tray. Specifically designed for unattended use, the Composer comes equipped with either PrimoCD Pro or PrimoDVD mastering and duplication software from Prassi. The Composer CD-R Optical Disc Duplicator with a Plextor 12x CD-R recorder and PrimoCD Pro software costs $2,495 MSRP. For much more contact Primera Technology at 800-797-2772.

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