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The RainSong Classical guitar is patterned after Pimentel's Grand Concert model and uses its dimensions and sound board-bracing pattern. RainSong guitars are made of graphite and epoxy composite materials. The Classical model has a 650mm scale length and a two-inch nut width. Kevlar is used in small amounts to control the acoustic damping of the sound board. Essentially, all RainSong guitars are custom made with a large variety of standard features, "no charge" options and "extra charge" options. The Classical comes in both Flamenco and Classical versions.

Some of the standard features are: metallic unidirectional-graphite sound board, abalone rosette, Fishman piezo-electric pickup and gold Schallers with ebony buttons. Some of the no charge options include: a choice of three peghead inlay designs, dolphin 12th fret marker and abalone-diamond fret markers. The extra charge options are: opaque lacquer finish, a wood, gold or custom marquetry rosette, cut-away body, Fishman slider-matrix transducer with pre-amp, custom fretboard inlays, custom tuning machines and custom electronics/pickups.

RainSong also makes a whole line of steel string acoustics, acoustic-electric and hollow-body electric guitars and basses. The Classical RainSong Guitar sells for $3,500. For more information about this guitar line you can contact: Dr. John Decker at 800-788-5828 or write to him at P.O. Box 578, Puunene, Maui Hawaii 96784. WEB at:

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