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The Darkstar from Red Sound

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The Darkstar is an eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer made in England. The DSP analog modeling gives you classic sounds coupled with better control. There are two oscillators per voice for five-part multitimbral. A joystick is used for mixing the oscillators as well as the ring modulator. There are also white, pink and blue noise generators. Fully MIDI implemented, the Darkstar has two external inputs and comes in a matching Red Sound Federation BPM FX desktop case. There is an ongoing upgrade/conversion path in the works that allow users to install EPROMS and convert the synth into either a mono synth with ACID-style filters or a full featured Vocoder. For prices and a lot more about the Darkstar or the Voyager1 Beat Extractor you should contact: RED Sound Systems Ltd, Bourne House, Cores End Road, Bourne End, Bucks. SL8 5AR Tel: +44 1628 819191 Fax: +44 1628 819111 or WEB at:

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