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Voyager1 Beat Extractor from Red Sound Systems

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Aimed at the musically oriented Re-Mix DJ, the Voyager 1 Beat Extractor enables you to synchronize your MIDI-sequenced tracks to a finished, completely mixed song from a CD, tape or vinyl record. The Voyager constantly displays the song's BPM (that's Beats-Per-Minute) and then generates a MIDI clock signal that will drive any MIDI sequencer or sound module such as a Roland MC-303, EMU's Orbit/Plane Phatt or Quasi Midi's Rave-O-Lution causing them to lock and slave to the record's tempo.

Another application would be for a drummer to "clock" and lock the band's sequencer to his human timing by feeding a mixed signal of his kit's mics into the Voyager 1. Other features include two individual audio input channels, MIDI Clock rotating display, MIDI out, run/pause, cue, beat one reset and tap controls.

For prices and a lot more about the Voyager1 Beat Extractor you should contact: RED Sound Systems Ltd, Bourne House, Cores End Road, Bourne End, Bucks. SL8 5AR Tel: +44 1628 819191 Fax: +44 1628 819111 or WEB at:

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