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Redwood Strings Redwood Music Corporation of Utah has new acoustic guitar strings called Redwood Gold strings. The strings are round wound phosphor/bronze on a hex steel wire core available in: extra light, light, medium and 12-string light gauges. Packaged using recyclable paper with an extremely low acid content that helps to extend shelf life, the strings are US made. Redwood Gold strings are offered in different gauges than many other leading' brands to accommodate many players' wishes.

Here are the string gauges for Redwood Gold strings:

Retail prices are $11.95 for the 6 string sets and $16.75 for the 12 string sets and much more can be learned about these new strings at: Redwood Music Corporation is at P. O. Box 901705 Sandy, UT 84090. Phone them at: 801-947-5750 Fax: 801-947-5752 or E-Mail:

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