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Storage Cases For Hard Drives from RMS

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RMS Cases Recorded Media Supply (RMS) now makes a new line of very handy carrying cases designed specifically to store removable hard drives used in computer based editing systems such as Pro-Tools or Avid's Media Composer. Like the plastic archival cases used to store rolls of magnetic tape, these new cases are perfect for the transportation of valuable hard drives to and from different studios or from editing bays to record companies...across town or around the world. The double-skinned rugged cases are lined with anti-static molded foam, both air and watertight, and feature flush fitting molded handles, an O-ring gasket and air purge valve. The lockable cases also come with professional labels to identify the project and/or for shipping addresses.

Currently there are three models: a single drive case, a case for three drives and the jumbo six drive model. RMS also makes other cases to fit Jaz drives with space for a power supply and SCSI cables. Prices start at $39.95 for the single drive case up to $99.95 for the six pack. There are also price discounts for over ten quantities. For much more contact Recorded Media Supply at 215 W. Palm Avenue Suite 104, Burbank, CA 91502. Call them at 818-562-6527 FAX to 818-972-2456. Web to:

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