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Rock Hard Road Cases Like all their cases, Rock Hard Road Cases makes the (pictured) amp head/rack combo case out of high quality 1/4 and 3/8 inch plywood with a standard ABS laminate or, as an option, fiberglass and aluminum stucco laminate. Available in many colors and ATA (airline shipping classification 300) approved, Rock Hard cases use all aluminum framework, recessed twist latches and handles, and ball corners. The amp head/rack combo case features front and rear removable lids, a foam-padded and shock-mounted rack and a separate padded compartment for the amp head. There is a choice of three, three and half or four-inch high quality casters and different storage drawers. All cases are custom-made for any type of amp head combination with up to twelve rack spaces.

Prices range from $250 for a head case only to $750 for a head and twelve space rack. Contact Rock Hard at 800-574-2305 or visit

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