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Roland MP-60 Digital Piano

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Roland MP-60 Digital Piano Roland lengthens their legacy of great playing and sounding digital pianos with the MP-60. This is a traditional-looking upright piano with black finish and an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard said to have the same responsiveness and touch as an acoustic piano. The improved stereo-sampled piano sounds are very realistic--they even contain the sound of the hammers striking the strings. There are other instruments like harpsichord, strings and acoustic bass to accompanied your playing. On-board effects include eight different reverbs to match your music's typical performing space, plus a pretty-sounding chorus and a Sympathetic Resonance effect that adds to the piano sound by recreating the sympathetic string vibrations that are part of the acoustic piano sound.

A big new feature is a two-track song recorder so you can record your performance for playback at anytime. There is an onboard metronome to stay in time and the MP-60's new LED display makes menu navigation simple and intuitive. A 20-watt stereo amplifier and two powerful speakers make sure you're heard whether at home, school or at church.

Additional features include a music rest and fixed damper, soft and sostenuto pedals and stereo headphones. For more information, contact Roland Corporation U.S., 5100 S. Eastern Ave., P.O. Box 910921, Los Angeles, CA 90091-0921. Telephone them at: 323-890-3700 or visit

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