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Rycote Microphone Data CD-ROM

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Rycote Microphone Data CD-ROM Premier microphone windshield manufacturer Rycote has the Microphone Data CD-ROM version 1.0. This valuable CD-ROM database is for engineers, producers and artists-really anyone who is interested in learning about different microphones by comparing and contrasting. Rycote has captured the intimate details of just about every single microphone in professional use-more than 1,000 from over 60 manufacturers. Using a MAC or PC, you can search for any named microphone, any range, manufacturer, polar pattern and a host of other parameters. Any microphones in current production are there and also quite a few that are in wide use but not made anymore.

The CD-ROM follows the same format as the Rycote Microphone Data Book complete with pictures, technical specifications, response curves and polar diagrams. It is pretty easy to compare using the standard references and scales provide. We liked that all mics are listed advertisement-free and in an equal way. There is no special focus or emphasis on any one brand or price range. Finally, to complete this important reference, there is a collection of worthwhile articles by Michael Williams, Ron Streicher, and Hugh Robjohns, Jorg Wüttke and Chris Woof. In the US, the Microphone Data CD-ROM can be purchased through Rycote's dealer network for $14.95. Go to and click on Rycote Dealers. Rycote Microphone Windshields Ltd. In Gloucestershire, UK. Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 759338 or visit

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