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Sanken CUB-01 Boundary Mic

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Sanken CUB-01 Boundary Mic Designed for field and studio recording in broadcast, film, television, theater and sports, the miniature CUB-01 cardioid condenser boundary microphone overcomes the limitations of typically more bulky boundary microphones. The CUB-01 is only an inch in diameter and available in gray or beige making it easy to conceal from the camera. The square-shaped capsule housing effectively increases the area of the diaphragm and the CUB-01's cardioid directional characteristics lets narration and dialogue be clearly recorded by minimizing background noise normally picked up by omnidirectional mics.

For much more about the CUB-01 as well as Sanken's complete line of high quality studio and location microphones, contact Audio Intervisual Design at 323-845-1155 or visit: or

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