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Sennheiser Evolution e614 Drum Overhead Mic

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Sennheiser Evolution e614 Drum Mic The new Evolution e614 is a drum overhead electret condenser microphone that measures less than four inches long and under 3/4-inches in diameter. This new 600 Series mic weighs only about 3 1/3 ounces and expands Sennheiser's line of exceptional valued instrument mics. The e614 has a nearly flat frequency response from 40Hz to 20kHz and a super-cardioid pattern for optimal isolation from other instruments on stage. There is more than 15dB of rejection of sounds coming into the back of this mic.

Phantom powered and designed for high SPL levels, the unobtrusive-looking e614 is perfect for capturing the overhead drum sound including cymbals and hi-hats due to its lighting-fast transient response.

Like all Evolution mics, the new e614 comes with a ten-year warranty and packaged with a storage pouch and mounting clip. The e614sells for $399 MSRP and more information contact Sennheiser at:

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