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The Energy Series of Amplifiers from D.A.S. Audio

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All Energy amps feature fan cooling, robust toroidal transformers, and a thick, 2mm all steel chassis for maximum reliability. There are four models: E-2, E-4, E-8 and E-12 with output powers from 125 to 650 watts per channel into four ohms. These amps use D.A.S.'s exclusive Discrete Monolithic Amplifier Technology™ based on self-managed amplification cells, whose outputs are summed together to form a single output. Each of the cells includes active clip limiting that avoids "hard clipping", protecting speakers from one of the most common causes of failure. Additionally, each cell has a full set of devices that protect the amplifier from failure due to voltage oscillations, short circuits, thermal runaway and instantaneous temperature peaks. D.A.S. Audio is a European manufacturer of professional transducers and loudspeaker systems. Reach them via Sennheiser USA at 1 Enterprise Drive, P.O. Box 987, Old Lyme, CT 06371 Phone: 860-434-9190 or Fax 860-434-1759 or E-mail or Web to:

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