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Sennheiser's evolution Wireless Mics

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Every system in the evolution wireless line offers the choice of 1,280 frequencies, programmable in 25 kHz increments, and trouble-free clarity in virtually any performance environment. The evolution wireless line includes the 100, 300, 300 IEM (In-Ear Monitoring), and 500 Series.

All systems feature true diversity receivers with metal cases, a new HDX Compander System for crystal-clear audio and an alphanumeric display for frequency and sensitivity adjustment. All transmitters are powered by a nine-volt battery, and are compatible with all series' receivers. The handheld units offer interchangeable microphone heads, allowing users to choose between the evolution 835, 845 dynamic and new 865 condenser elements. Systems are priced between $500 and $1,000.

The entry-level 100 Series has four tunable presets and the choice of a handheld, plug-in microphone or body-pack with either lavalier, instrument or headworn mics. The 300 Series is the same but with eight tunable presets. The 300 IEM Series is an in-ear monitor system with a focus function that allows the musician to isolate partially his or her voice or instrument from the total mix. All systems include transmitters that adapt directly to all broadcast microphones, including those requiring 48-volt phantom powering. The 500 Series, with 16 presets, also provides headphone monitoring, a remote battery power display on the receiver and a sound check mode that quickly and easily checks for potential interference.

For much more about these new mics you can contact Sennheiser at 1 Enterprise Drive, P.O. Box 987, Old Lyme, CT 06371. Call them at: 860-434-9190 or FAX 860-434-1759. WEB at:

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