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Sennheiser's Mikroport Wireless VHF Systems

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The 1000 Series VHF systems feature six switchable frequencies within a seven mHz bandwidth. There is also improved RF filtering and interference rejection as well as longer operating range from the receiver.

Sennheiser offers two system packages defined by the supplied microphone configuration. Both systems use the EM1031-V,true diversity receiver. The unit uses PLL synthesis (that's Phase Locked Loop) for exact frequency stability, HiDyn plus® noise reduction and Advanced Mute Function for detecting interference. Two EM1031-V's will fit side by side in a single rack space.

The SET1081-V system package uses a handheld transmitter with 50mW (milliwatts) RF output and a nine-volt battery life of eight hours. The transmitter uses a dynamic microphone with a frequency response of 80Hz to 18kHz. The SET1083-V system uses a pocket transmitter with a clip-on lavalier condenser microphone. Frequency response is rated at 80Hz to 20kHz.

Suggested retail price for the SET1081-V is $795 while the SET1083-V sells for $995. For much more about all of this, you can contact Sennheiser at 6 Vista Drive, P.O. Box 987 Old Lyme, CT 06371. Call them at: 860-434-9190 or FAX 860-434-1759. Web to:

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