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The Basslines five-string passive single coil series are pickups that provide the vintage tone of Fender's 1962 Jazz Bass guitar...only for five-string basses. Duncan along with Basslines chief engineer Kevin Beller, Roger Sadowsky and Fodera Basses set out to design coils that capture all that "J-Tone" down to an open B string.

Along the way they were able to add modern touches such as better immunity to RF (that's radio frequencies) and high frequency hash and hum. Available as sets of bridge and neck pickups, Basslines come in two width pairs: 67mm/70mm neck and bridge widths or 70mm/74mm. These pickups sell for $175 for the two pickup set or $89 each with all necessary mounting hardware and wiring diagrams included. For more information you can call Seymour Duncan 805-964-9610 or FAX at 805-964-9749. They are located at 5427 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 or WEB to or E-Mail:

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