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Seymour Duncan's Lightin' Rods

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The Lightin' Rods pickups retro-fit into the Fender Jazz Bass, P-Bass and P-J bass guitars and provide the authentic and original look of the old passive pickups. However looks can be deceiving as Lightin' Rods are complete active pickups with fully discrete, quiet preamps built in. Powered by a single battery for up to 2,000 hours of playing, these pickups provide a low impedance output signal with wide dynamic range.

For the Jazz Bass, the bridge pickup has smooth highs and a solid bottom for warmth and clarity. The neck pickup is fat and present with enough brilliance to give the E string punch and snap. If you play a P-Bass, then the replacement pickup is fat with that "warm and woody" midrange.

If you would like more tonal variations, add the Basslines' Tone Circuits on-board bass preamp. This preamp gives either two or three bands of focused equalization. There is also a "slap switch" when you pull up the volume knob that dials in a special EQ for slap-style playing.

All Lightin' Rods are direct replacements and require no guitar carving. All pickups are hand built and include a schematic and everything you need to install them. For more about them, contact Seymour Duncan at 5427 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2345. Phone them at: 805-964-9610, FAX 805-964-9749 or WEB to or E-Mail:

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