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The Five-Two Series is the line of Nashville Studio replacement pickups for the Telecaster guitar that uses alnico 5 magnets for the three low strings and alnico 2 for the three high strings...hence the name Five-Two. This combination of multiple alnico magnet types is said to deliver a bright and springy bottom end and a full and smooth top end without sacrificing that great Tele twang.

The lead pickup has traditional output level and vintage details such as black yarn wrapping and waxed cloth hookup cable. The chrome covered neck version is reverse wound and reverse polarity to create a hum-cancelling effect when used with the bridge pickup. For more about them, contact Seymour Duncan at 5427 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2345. Phone them at: 805-964-9610, FAX 805-964-9749 or WEB to or E-Mail:

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