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Seymour Duncan's P-90 Stack

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Seymour Duncan Designed to retrofit most guitars with old P-90's, the new P-90 Stack solves the hum problem that sometimes spoiled the great sound of the old P-90 pickups. The P-90's tone is described as somewhere between a single-coil and a humbucker: warm with bite. A true humbucker with adjustable pole pieces in a P-90 package, the new stack comes in five different models with either a vintage-correct black or cream cover.

Other features include a four-conductor connecting cable that allows you to wire the pickup in series for higher output and fatter sound or in parallel for a traditional P-90 tone. Another wiring choice is to "split" the coils for a true single-coil sound. The P-90 Stack sells for $129 retail and for much more contact Seymour Duncan at 805-964-9610, FAX at 805-964-9749 or WEB to or E-Mail:

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