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Sherman Quad Multiple FilterBank

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The Sherman QMF is actually four Sherman Filterbanks in one box. The four filterbanks have separate inputs for four different sound sources or you can link them all together for a filter slope of up to 96dB. New features not found in the original Sherman Filterbank are found in filters three and four. Filters three and four have six extra switches: Bright- boosts high frequencies at the input; Limit- clips the input signal at a lower level for better self-resonating of the filter; Slow- changes the slope of the ADSR; Trigger- re-triggers the start of the LFO wave; and +1 Octave- doubles the center-frequency for both filters. Other global extras include: a LFO Output jack, an AM Depth Control Voltage input and better silk-screening for longer lasting front panel markings. You also get wooden side panels, internal power supply and ten extra patch cords. Contact Sherman Productions in Belgium by FAX at 32 13 784 921 or E-Mail at: or WEB at: for more information.

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