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Four Mics from Shure Bros.

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A line of value-oriented microphones starts with three cardioid dynamic mics that all have neodymium magnets and locking on/off switches. Model 14A offers good sound for vocalists with a non-reflective black handle and matte-finished ball-shaped pop-filter grille. There is an internal shock-mount suspension system for minimum handling noise. Frequency response is 80Hz to 14kHz.

Also for vocals and a ball shape grille is the Model 12A with an attractive brushed metal case. Response is 80Hz to 14kHz and a special rubber isolation mount prevents it from rolling off a flat surface. Model 10A is a very low profile, probe-style mic for either handheld or mic-stand use. Frequency response is 80Hz to 12kHz.

The last in this new series is the Model 16A. The 16A is a battery-powered condenser mic with a smooth, flat response of 50Hz to 15kHz. Good for vocals and instruments, the 16A runs on a single 1.5 volt AA battery for up to 1,000 hours.

Suggested retail prices for the 10A, 12A and the 14A range from $37.80 to $66. The 16A sells for $101.30. For more about this new line you can contact Shure Brothers Inc., at 222 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202 or call them at 800-25-SHURE. WEB to:

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