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Shure Expanded Beta Line

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There are two microphones added to the Shure Beta line. The first is the Beta 52 which is a dynamic mic designed to deliver the low-end punch required for bass drums or other loud bass instruments. The 52 has a hardened grill for rough road use. The new Beta 56 features a special frequency response contoured for the rest of the drums and features a supercardiod pattern for high-gain-before-feedback and good inter-drum separation. The locking base, like all the Betas, means that both the 52 and 56 can be mounted quickly and easily. The existing Beta 57 and 58 have been upgraded with hardened grills and enhanced low frequency response. The 58A also has an extended high frequency response suited for bright vocal sounds and like the 57A has an improved shock mount. Prices of the Beta mics are as follows: $434 for the Beta 87, $220 for the Beta 57A, $266 for the Beta 58A, $310 for the Beta 52 and $240 for the Beta 56. For more about, call 800-25-SHURE. Shure Brothers is at 222 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202. WEB to:

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