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Shure BG Series Microphones

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The BG Series of Shure microphones is now comprised of six cardioid models. All the dynamic BG mics use a neodymium magnet structure for higher output. Also each mic has a hardened, dent-resistant grille along with a set of standard accessories such as cables, gig bags and stand adapters.

The BG Series begins with the BG1.1 dynamic that has a frequency response from 80 to 12kHz and is good for any mixer or PortaStudio™. With a shaped response of 70Hz to 13kHz, the BG2.1 would be a good choice for vocals. For an even wider range, better ambient noise cancellation and internal shock mounting the model BG3.1 measures 60Hz to 14kHz in frequency response. The BG4.1 is studio condenser microphone with high sensitivity, low self noise and a flat response of 40Hz to 18kHz. The BG5.1 is another condenser that is suited to live or studio recording of vocals. The mic has a midrange presence rise that keeps vocals up front and clear, a 70Hz to 16kHz response and a wide dynamic range.

The BG Series mics have retail prices between $83 and $306. For much more about them you can contact Shure Brothers at 222 Hartrey Avenue in Evanston, IL 60202. You can call 800-25-SHURE. WEB to:

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