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Shure SM7A Microphone

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The SM7A is an improved version of the popular SM7 cardioid dynamic microphone. Especially engineered for speech and music, the SM7A has a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz with minimum coloration to off-axis sound sources. Improvements include a redesigned humbucking coil that provides better shielding from hum and noise emitted by computer monitors, fluorescent and neon lights and other electronic/digital equipment common to modern recording and broadcast studios.

Probably the best new thing about the SM7A is the price, just $584. All the original SM7 features are still there: a four-position switch that exactly "tailors" the microphone's bass and midrange response; an internal air-suspension shock mount; a built-in pop filter; and a precision locking, yoke mounting assembly. For more about it, call Shure Brothers Inc., at 800-25-SHURE or visit

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