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Shure Revives The Classic V15

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With the current resurgence of vinyl it makes perfect sense that Shure would "reissued" the V15 phono cartridge now called the V15VxMR. This newest cartridge is perfect for playing and preserving those old and delicate vinyl LPs. The V15VxMR requires only one gram of stylus force, about half the typical weight for a high-mass moving coil cartridge.

The Micro-Ridge diamond stylus tip of the V15 is on the end of a beryllium tube called the Microwall/Be stylus cantilever. This effectively low mass system ensures good high frequency tracking with minimum groove wall damage. The stylus tip is Masar polished to reduce friction.

Static electricity and microscopic dust are handled by a proprietary viscous-damped Shure Dynamic Stabilizer fitted with 10,000 electrically- conductive carbon fibers. Much like a shock absorber, the Dynamic Stabilizer maintains a constant record-to-cartridge distance and uniform tracking force across all frequencies. This serves to compensate for warp related problems such as cartridge bottoming, signal wow and groove skipping.

MSRP for the V15VxMR is $299. For further information, call 800-25-Shure or write Shure Brothers at 222 Hartrey Avenue, Evanston. IL 60202. WEB to:

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