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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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The Herman Miller Aeron Chair echoes the body's movements and anticipates its needs. Ideal for recording, broadcast or post production studios, the chair performs as an extension of the human body. The chair's mesh-like suspension helps to center the user's body weight over the sitting bones and distribute pressure away from the spine and backs of the thighs, where it can lead to physical problems and discomfort. The wide contoured backrest and broad adjustable armrests are designed to take on a significant percentage of the upper body weight and relieve the load on the spine. Better positioning and exceptionally soft and supportive armrest pads may reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries.

The chair's tilting action follows the body's pivot points (ankle, knee, hip) so the chair moves easily and naturally, shifting weight from the seat to the backrest. The backrests and armrests maintain the same relationship throughout the range of movement to offer full support in upright or reclined positions. The Aeron chair is available in two sizes and with its multitude of configuration settings, it is literally customizable for any body type and size.

The Aeron chair's suspension material is backed by a five-year limited warranty and is available from McGraw Publishing Peripherals, 930 Calle Negocio, Suite B, San Clemente, CA 92673 USA. Contact Jim McGraw at 800-883-9697 or web to: or email:

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