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HT28R Speaker from SLS

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SLS Loudspeakers The HT8R, HT28R and PSS12 subwoofer comprise SLS International's foray into home theatre, surround sound loudspeaker system. Both the HT8R and HT28R use SLS's patented-pending ribbon driver technology. Ribbon diaphragms are 100 times lighter than dome tweeter elements and 1000 times faster responding to sharp sound transients. Ribbons also have smoother frequency response useable all the way out to 40kHz and better dynamic range than domes.

The HT8R is a 125 watt (500 watt peak) speaker that uses a single eight-inch woofer and a five-inch ribbon HF driver. Weighing 25lbs, the HT8R costs $1,095 and has a frequency response of 44Hz to 20kHz and produces 110dB SPL @ 1 meter. The HT28R is a 200-watt (800-watt peak) speaker cabinet with a frequency response of 52Hz to 20kHz. There are two, eight-inch woofers and a single five-inch ribbon HF driver. Weighing in at 40lbs, the HT28R has a nominal impedance of four ohms and capable of 114dB SPL @ 1 meter. The PSS12 is a 200 watt (800 watt peak) subwoofer systems capable of 92dB SPL @ 1 meter and a frequency response of 28Hz to 150Hz. The 60 pound PSS12 uses a twelve-inch long excursion woofer and costs $1,330.

For home surround sound theatre installations up to 1800 square feet, five HT28Rs and two PSS12 subs are required in the SLS HT1800 system. The smaller HT600 system handles 600 sq. ft and uses five HT8Rs and one PSS12. For much more about these speaker systems and individual speakers, contact SLS International at 800-776-4549. Visit

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