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Smart Loops Smart Loops is a collection of four different (for now) Acid-format CD-ROMS with both professionally recorded drum loops and individual samples. Presented with realistic sounding and natural performances, Smart Loops has already proved their worth with many top record producers via their inclusion within Cakewalk's Sonar™ program.

The four current titles are: Dry Studio Kit with 300 drum loops and samples; Percussion Kit with 370 loops and samples; Bass Guitars that has over 950 bass guitar loops; and Electric Guitars also with over 950 loops. All four CDs are good for the person who wants more of a traditional rock and non-electronica sound library.

Both Bass Guitars and Dry Studio Kit contain a large variety of rock, pop, funk, blues (shuffle & straight), & heavy rock loops with good four-string bass slap loops, 'Fast Fingers' and many othersâwe found the fretless bass loops perfect for a funk song we'd recently hatched.

Percussion Kit goes for all the popular noise-makers in Latin, Afro-Cuban, Funk and Rock music from agogo bells to timbales, tambourines and shakers. Electric Guitars includes loads of clean, crunch, wah-wah, and heavy distorted one-bar loops with choice of starting points to locate the loop closets to your key.

If you use Acid compatible programs like ACID Pro, Cakewalk's Sonar or Home Studio 2002™ or Guitar Tracks Pro™, Bitheadz' Phrazer™, you'll have complete control over tempo pitch. If you are NOT into Acid, no worries since the Dry Studio Kit and Percussion Kit also come with the loops in six different tempos. Dry Studio Kit and Percussion Kit CDs also include hundreds of MIDI loops the match the ACID .wav loops so you can trigger up the .wav samples with your own sequencer if you like.

All CDs sell for $69 MSRP and for much more contact Smart Loops at

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