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Smart Loops <I>Phat To Phreaky</I> Phat To Phreaky is a collection of authentic hip-hop loops created by leading beat-meisters. There are beats from Joey P., James 'DJ Melo' Davis, Dale 'Rambro' Ramsey, film/TV composer Michael Nickolas, drummer Frank Basile, Tracey Clarke and Corey Presley. These guys have have worked with Jay-Z, Ludacris, P. Diddy, TLC, And Queen Latifah to name a few.

This essential disc contains over 800 grooves, breakdowns, fills and noises all emanating from popular beat boxes used today. Styles include straight up hip-hop beats to old school and even a few slow jams. All are recorded 'bone dry' and unprocessed so you can trick them up as much as you want.

A cool bonus is access to more loop variations on-line at for registered users of Phat To Phreaky. All Smart Loops are in ACID format and optimized for programs that let you change tempo and pitch. Since the loops are in .wav format, you can also use them in most DAW audio/MIDI systems like Pro Tools™, Cubase™ or Logic Audio™. Phat To Phreaky sells for $69 and you can buy it online at

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