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Snagg Instrument ID Snagg is a musical instrument registration and recovery service that relies on local law enforcement, music store retailers, second-hand musical instrument merchants and the tiny Snagg microchip RFID (that's Radio Frequency Identification Device) that's embedded into your instrument. Similar (in concept) to microchips implanted in pets and livestock, the implant is the size of a grain of rice and has been already adopted by the Fender, Carvin and DeTemple guitar companies. You can get a chip put into any guitar (or inside any other gear for that matter) at most guitar shops for $35 plus installation charges.

Once installed, if your axe or vintage amp is stolen, when the thief tries to hock or trade it in at a guitar shop he/she will be in for a big surprise when the merchant scans the instrument with the Snagg Scanner. The chip contains its own unique ten-digit number and one check at of that number will reveal all information about that instrument as registered by its real owner.

Snagg enlisted the aid of the California State 2nd Hand Dealer Investigators Association (CSDIA), and the National Association of Property Recovery Investigators (NAPRI), in designing their Web site's database. Snagg makes both the scanners and chips available to retailers and police departments. Snagg maintains thousands of instruments in its database, and has made preliminary arrangements for distribution of its technology to the European market.

For much more about it go to or call 888-545-0088.

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