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The lower priced Sound Forge XP 4.0 (MSRP is $149) is a streamlined version of Sound Forge 4.0. Especially suited to multimedia and the Internet, XP can be used to record, edit and playback audio for sales presentations, Web sites, computer games, home videos or a new way of sending voice E-mail.

Besides recording and editing mono or stereo sound files, XP has over 25 digital audio effects such as: reverb, a ten-band equalizer, distortion and fade in/out. You may use and import files from other computers or from the Net. There is support for Microsoft WAV, NeXT/Sun Java AU, video for Windows AVI, RealAudio and Mac AIFF files. Sound Forge XP runs native on a PC Windows computer with any Windows-compatible sound card. All the usual Windows commands and shortcuts work such as drag, drop, copy, cut and paste.

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