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ACID is a digital audio loop sequencer for Windows 95 and Windows NT computer systems. ACID allows you to compose and record songs using combinations of loops. You may record your own loops, import 16 or 24-bit .wav or .aiff files or use any of ACID's vast library of included loops of many different instruments and musical styles.

Central to ACID's success is the program's ability to automatically match, in real-time, both the tempo and pitch of all the loops. Besides this synchronicity, (I finally got to use that word!) you can further control volume, panning, and effects for each track used for a loop. Once you have created your own unique pastiche, you can export the files as .wav files or as digital audio.

ACID supports unlimited tracks, (depending on system RAM) features DirectX Audio Plug-in support and interfaces with Sound Forge. ACID is compatible with Sonic's CD Architect and other direct-to-digital audio CD programs. ACID generates and chases SMPTE time code so you can use it with other sequencers and recording systems.

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