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Sonic Implants Mellotron and Arp String Samples

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Sonic Implants Sonic Implants, part of Sonic Network Inc. now has Mellotron and Arp Solina String Ensemble sample libraries for the GigaSampler, Akai, Kurzweil, Roland and EMU systems. The Mellotron, a strange contraption that used gravity-operated, eight-second long magnetic tapes under each key of a small keyboard, is one of the most well known and easily recognized early keyboard samplers used on hundreds of albums from the Beatles onward. The Arp Solina String Ensemble was a very popular keyboard synth in the late 70s made famous by Elton John, The Eagles, New Order, and The Cure.

Sonic Implants String Boxes CD-ROM contains a choice selection of sounds from the Mellotron tapes with all eight seconds of every note sampled. You get the three different string recordings from the Mark 2, M200 and M300 units plus the Boys Choir, the Mixed Choir and the flute. The Solina Arp String Ensemble was recorded and programmed to give you every sound and knob variation the instrument is capable of, including some new and unique Sonic Implants variations featuring: fantastic pads, filter sweeps, FX and leads.

Go to Sonic Implants website at: and pick between downloading eight to sixteen mB products ranging between $14.95 and $24.95, or purchasing the entire collection on CD-ROM for $69.95. For much more contact Sonic Implants at Sonic Network, Inc. and Hruska Audio Productions, Inc. 781-641-0063 FAX 781-641-0448.

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