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Sony Oxford OXF-R3 EQ Plug-In For Pro Tools/TC Works

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Sony Oxford OXF-R3 EQ for Pro Tools/TC Works The Sony Oxford OXF-R3 Equalizer plug in is available in two versions that run in either Digidesign's ProTools HD system or with TC Works' PowerCore DSP card and software. With either version you get a processor based on Sony's OXF-R3's digital equalizer from the high-end Oxford console--a fully parametric, five-band equalizer with separate fully parametric high and low pass filters. Besides allowing multiple instances per DSP chip, well-written software enables control coefficients to be calculated immediately, allowing both quantization and noise-free operation. You'll get the extreme accuracy and repeatability of a digital unit with friendly operation of an analog EQ.

Other features include: 24-bit and up to 192kHz operation; selectable low and high frequency shelving; separate variable high and low-pass filters with adjustable slopes; four different EQ types, emulating the performance of many popular analog EQs including some vintage styles; and extremely low noise and distortion performance measuring below -130dBr. Lastly, if you are a TC Works PowerCore user, know that double precision processing brings a fully realized Oxford EQ to any VST host platform. Also available only in a ProTools HD version is a plug in version of the GML 8200 stereo parametric equalizer. Designed in collaboration with GML, this model reproduces the control ranges and responses of the original classic George Massenburg analog outboard unit.

Both versions are available for both PC and MAC with the TC Works PowerCore version selling for $600 and the ProTools HD version will sell for $900. The GML 8200 software sells for $1,400. For much more information, visit

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