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Spirit Folio Notepad from Soundcraft

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The Folio Notepad delivers DAT-quality audio that belies the unit's diminutive size. This compact multimedia mixer has ten inputs, four mic inputs and two stereo inputs. The mic pre-amps have 50dB of gain and 48-volt phantom powering. The same surface-mount technology, used in the larger studio Spirit console, ensures low noise, high RF rejection and clean operation. There is a two-band equalizer on each of the mono inputs as well as a Post-fader auxiliary send. The stereo inputs have switchable RIAA pre-amps for direct connection to a turntable and the stereo return is used for playback of your stereo master deck. (DAT or CD player)

Other good things include: separate mix and monitor outputs, peak and VU metering, headphone jack, power indicator and accurate rotary controls. The curved chassis design seems to lend itself to a "wrap-around" look if several Notepads are used together. The suggested retail price is $249.95. Spirit is a British console line manufactured in the UK. by Soundcraft and distributed in the U.S. by Soundcraft, a subsidiary of Harman International. Spirit by Soundcraft Inc. is at 11820 Kemper Road, Auburn, CA 95603. Phone then at 916-888-0488 or FAX 916-888-0480.

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