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Spirit L7 by Soundcraft

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With a retail price of $2,499, the L7 could be describe as a good multipurpose mixer for bands who require comprehensive mixing capabilities for either live PA or home recording. The unit has up to 32 inputs with channel insert patching points, four mixing busses (or groups), a stereo mix buss and a dedicated mono buss for center speaker or side fill clusters. There are also direct outs on the first 16 input channels for "one mic to one track" recording setups. The 24 balanced mic inputs have up to 66dB of mic gain, 22dBu of headroom, phantom mic powering and a four-band equalizer with dual sweepable mid-range controls. The steep 18dB/octave high pass filters, six auxiliary sends and EQ in/out switching make the L7 a good choice for a monitor mixer.

Other very desirous features are: 100mm faders; PFL (that's Pre Fader Listen); twelve-segment bargraph metering; AFL (that's After Fader Listen); two additional stereo inputs with EQ for CD, turntables or DAT machines; auxiliaries for keyboards and two effect returns. Also all four busses can be routed to the mix buss for sub group mixing.

For much more you can contact Spirit, a U.K. company distributed in the U.S. by Soundcraft, a part of Harman International. Try them at 11820 Kemper Road, Auburn, CA 95603. Phone them at 916-888-0488 or FAX 916-888-0480

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